Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

This swimming pool cake I made for my 10 year old daughter’s birthday party, it was held at the local swim center and I wanted the cake to reflect the venue. The hardest part was making the slide to stay up using fondant. The best part was making the little people for in the pool and my daughter was delighted I included redheads as both my girls have red hair so she was really excited to see an icing kid on the cake. I have since been asked to make a few cakes for her friends as they all want cake party cake to be themed as its a bit different to what you get from a supermarket.

The actual cake was a 12 by 14 sheet cake filled with  butter cream and jam. The figures and other decorations were fondant and the water was butter icing. I used paste colors to make the water and out was not really too difficult.

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