Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

My daughter decided she wanted a pool party for her 7th birthday. We found lots of good ideas and pictures on this website to enable us to make this awesome swimmingpool cake. It took lots of time and effort, but the look on her face was well worth the trouble.

Basically we made a 9×13 cake as the base of the pool. Then we made two 8″ rounds to stack together to make the pool itself. The “shiny” blue material making up the “water” in the pool is a Jello jiggler. We decided to make it separately then placed it on the top of the pool after it was set so there was less chance for leakage.

Each teddy bear has a life saver “floatie” to get into the pool with also. The “sandy” looking stuff on the side is crushed graham crackers. The grass is the same green frosting that makes up the top of the cake, only we used a frosting tip to kind of poke and pull it up to make it look like tufts of grass.

All in all it was a lot of fun to make and great to take pictures of as well.

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