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Coolest Tinkerbell And Toadstool Cake

I made this Tinkerbell And Toadstool Cake from homemade sponge (made from fresh ingredients not packet mix). I started with a bowl shaped sponge then cut it in half for the toadstool top. The other half of the sponge I used for the toadstool stump. I then coloured some fondant to a light brown and covered the stump and coloured some more fondant red for the top.

I then cut out various sized white circles for the spots. Underneath the top of the toadstool I scored lines into the icing for a more life like affect. I then baked a square cake and cut out the shapes of the fairies and Tinkerbell. I then decorated them with various colours of fondant and painted on their faces. Their wings are made from rice paper, I used a scalpel to cut out detail and sprinkled the wings with edible glitter.

The flowers, grass and stones are all made from fondant icing. The 2 small toadstools are made from the scraps of the square cake then covered with fondant icing.

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