I made this TRex Dinosaur Birthday Cake for two young boys birthday. I used 3 10inch round cakes and leveled them and filled each level with buttercream frosting. I carved out a basic shape of a Dino. Think Cartoon shape leaving enough room for the craved out for the center of the mouth.

I then frosted it and cooled it. I then used some Viva Paper as a smoother and smoothed out my frosting and then used molding chocolate to create the detail groves over the eyes and on the head and the back of the neck. Then rolled out some tan colored fondant and some black. I placed the eyes in place and then laid the fondant over all of the details and eyes.

I laid the fondant on the top and back first and then bottom of the mouth next ,then covered the center with black. Then cut out his eyes and pushed the fondant around it to look like extra eye lid.

Then just placed on fondant, cut out board and then using food gels,(green,tan, brown)and a sponge brush. And added all the darker elements first and then the lighter colors. Then placed all the teeth using piping gel and toothpicks.