Coolest Truck Birthday Cake

This Truck Birthday Cake was made for a close friend who is a lorry driver. I used two ready made coffee and walnut bar cakes from Sainsburys (his favourite flavour) and cut and stacked them on top of each other to make the cab and lorry.

I placed these on top of 4 chocolate mini rolls to raise them off the cake board and allow room to attach the liquorice wheels. I coloured fondant icing using ordinary blue food colouring and cover the main part of the lorry. I covered the cab with white fondant icing. Using some of the blue fondant icing I cut out the windscreen and doors and applied to the cake using butter cream.

I piped the edges of the screen and doors to show details and piped the windscreen wipers, mirror and number plate. Liquorice strips were used for the front and rear bumpers, Smarties for the lights and liqourice wheels for the wheels of the lorry. It only took me about an hour in total.