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Creative Pirate Treasure Map Cake

I made this creative pirate treasure map cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. All you need is a rectangle pan! I used an 11×15. I started  by frosting the whole cake in white frosting. I then used crushed graham cracker and brown sugar mixed for the “sand”, covering about 3/4ths of the top of the cake. I used gummi candy sharks and placed them in a circle in the ocean.

I then used gel and blue coloring to create the “water”. I covered the sharks with the blue gel to make them appear under water. I overlapped the blue gel where it met the graham cracker mixture to make it look like a gradual beach. The dark areas to the far right of the cake are where I left the chocolate cake unfrosted because I thought it would create the illusion of “deep water”. I wasn’t thrilled with the way that turned out and in retrospect I wouldn’t have left the chocolate cake exposed like that.

The rock pile is made with candy rocks. The rest of the details are just piped icing. I used chocolate candy coins to accent the sides of the cake. The sharks, rocks, and coins were all purchased from a local candy store. This cake was a huge success and my little boy loved his “pirate cake”!  I do think this was my personal best as far as cake creations go!

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