Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Cake with Toys

My daughter loves Hello Kitty. I stopped buying birthday cakes several years ago and have been making them ever since. We looked through the pictures on this website to get inspiration. My 13 year old daughter wanted to help with her little sisters cake so this is what we came up with. I baked two 9 inch round layers of vanilla cake. I separated it out into three bowls added color gel to each of them making purple, orange and pink batter. I put purple in each pan as the base color and added pink to one and orange to the other. I ran a knife through to swirl the colors.

Once baked I froze the layers. I think freezing makes it easier to ice and it also makes the cake more moist when you eat it. I also baked cup cakes. Putting the cake together I put a layer of mik chocolote between the cake layers.  I made Wilton\’s high humidity buttercream icing which can be found on their website. Adding the dream whip to the icing gives it a nice flavor and it does not melt as fast in the heat.

I bought small hello kitty toy figurines and a hello kitty cake topper from ebay. I attempted to match the color of the icing on each cupcake to hello kitty\’s dress colors. My 13 year old added the sparkley colored sugar and small heart and butterfuly shaped candies to the cake and cupcakes.

Katie who turned 6, loved it and has played with the hello itty figures for hours. I love it when the cake can contain part of her presents.