Easy Pirate Ship Cake

Found an easy pirate ship cake to make for my son’s 4th birthday, it was a hit with the kiddies and my son was so excited with it. Looks like more effort than required, decorating it took about 2 hours.

1. Bake double quantities of chocolate butter cake and equally split between 2 20cm round tins. Once cooled I sandwiched the 2 round cakes with chocolate butter frosting and cut in half to make 2 semi circles. Stack the 2 semi circle pieces on top of each other and sandwich together with more frosting so that you have a 4 layer semi circle cake. Secure the cake layers with a skewer to hold in place if required.

2. Position the semi circle cake on a cake board so that the curved edge is at the bottom of the board and the flat edge is facing upwards. Cut away a bit of the base of the cake so that it is stable and flat. Ice cake all over with chocolate butter frosting.

3. Now for the fun part! Print out ‘Jolly Roger’ flags which can be downloaded for free from the web and cut out 7-8 copies of the flags. Skewer 2-3 flags on bamboo skewers to make sails for the ship. You will need 3 skewers for the sails.

4. Line up chocolate wafer tubes (I used Corinthian wafers) along the top edge of the ship. Place lifesaver/polo mints for the port holes on the side of the ship. I stuck a long flat wafer biscuit to one side of the ship for the plank.

5. Position sails on top of ship. Place pirate figurines around top of ship, I bought a little Playmobil set which had 3 pirates and cannon which was perfect! Can also add maltiser chocolate cannonballs and foil covered chocolate as treasure around pirates. Make sure to decorate board and table with plenty of chocolate coins!

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