Four Year Old Tea Party Cake

I was making mini cupcakes with these beautiful flowers but it wasn’t working because they were supposed to be full-sized cupcakes. SO I made a cake instead at the last minute and decorated it with these flowers! It turned out much better than I thought!

#1 Well, first you have to make the flowers (time consuming) cut mini marshmallows and dip them in crystal colored sugars. You do have to melt white chocolate to stick all the “petals” to and then I used yellow tic tacs for the centers. It was a pain, but I had fewer kids at the time.

#2 Boxed cake mix! time saver and always tasty!

#3 Canned vanilla icing! boo-ya. I used my knife to make the pretty swirls.

#4 I used marshmallows to make the In-between cake layer because I didn’t have time to star-tip it.

#5 Oh yeah, I used two bowls that I had in my cabinet they just happend to oven-safe. You probably have some. They are great! I used the largest and the smallest to bake the cakes. What a pretty shape they made. And my daughters 4th birthday tea party was so beautiful!

Four Year Old Tea Party Cake

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