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Coolest DIY Guitar Cake Ideas

My daughter is turning eight and wanted a guitar cake like the guitar Barbie plays in the movie The Barbie Diaries. I looked on your site to get some ideas then played the movie, paused it on a close up of Barbie’s guitar, taped some paper to the TV screen and traced the shape on that.

I bought one large (72cm) trifle sponge from a supermarket and cut the shape out on there. The original picture was a bit small so I had to enlarge it (I just drew around the original only bigger). I used a very soft butter icing to ice the shape then I used royal icing to make the butterfly shape and the white bit (whatever that part of the guitar is called). Licorice strings marshmallows for the knobs.

More Guitar Cake Ideas

Cake by Shauna W., Hermitage, TN

Guitar Cake

This was my first time making a guitar cake like this. I used a guitar shaped pan for the top of the cake. For the base of this cake I used two 11×13 cakes. I frosted the base first and then put the top on and frosted it. The head bridge and sound hole are actually made of melted chocolate chips.

I poured the chocolate into the cake pan and used it as a mold. I had to use a cooking spray to keep the chocolate from sticking. The tuners are just chocolate chips that I turned upside down and pushed into the cake. Instead of candles we used guitar picks.

I always freeze my cakes before I frost them I find that they are much easier to work with.

Cake by Lisa H., Rockford, IL

Guitar Cake

My 15 year old daughter wanted to make a special cake for her cousin’s graduation/birthday party. He is a musician and received a new guitar for a graduation gift. My daughter printed out a photo of his guitar and then found this website for a guitar cake to help her get some ideas.

She then found a fondant recipe of just marshmallows, powdered sugar and water that made a great paste for her to work with. We made two half sheet cakes and cut one for the body and one for the neck. This helped with the transportation of this cake as we were able to move it in two pieces and then set it up at the party.

After we cut the forms out we spread a thin layer of butter cream frosting over it to act like a kind of glue between the cake and fondant. She colored and rolled out two batches of fondant one light brown and one black. We lifted the fondant sheets carefully over the cake and it pretty much formed itself to the shape of the cake cutouts. We cut off all excess fondant around the edges.

She took another batch of fondant and formed all the little knobs and buttons. We melted some butter cream frosting and a little water with dark brown food coloring and then used a basting brush to add the wood grain look to the base. The strings were the hardest part. We just ended up using a thin wire.

The crowd went crazy over this guitar cake and everyone there pulled out their cameras and cell phones get photos of it. They waited until the end of the night to finally cut into it because no one could bring themselves to mess up such a “wonderful work of art”. It was a great gift for my nephew and a wonderful baking experience for me and my daughter.

Cake by Pamela R., Snohomish, WA

Guitar Cake

I made the guitar cake using the Wilton guitar cake pan. My son is a huge fan of Murray Wiggle so I tried to make it look like his red guitar. The drum cake was a round cake covered in fondant. It was my first attempt at decorating a cake in this manner. The drumsticks were also made with rolled fondant. It took me forever but was a huge hit with my son and all party goers!

Cake by Sophie P., Cork, Ireland

Guitar Cake

I started off by finding a picture of the guitar I wanted to use on the net and drew it to the size I wanted. I then made a chocolate sponge cake in the shape of a rectangle. I had to make two of these because I was making the cake almost life size! So when the guitar cake was cooked and cooled down I placed my cut out drawing of the guitar onto the cake an cut around it (all the left over bits of cake I got to keep an eat!)

I used a piece of cardboard covered in tinfoil to place the cake on. I then made chocolate ganache which is basically melted chocolate and cream mixed together. It tastes yum! When it’s melted you just let it cool a bit and it thickens enough to use as a frosting to cover the cake.

So I used dark chocolate for the base of the guitar cake then added whipped cream to the ganache to make it a lighter color. It was like chocolate mousse. So I used that for the top of the guitar.

I traced the white bit in the middle onto greaseproof paper and melted white chocolate and spread that over it and let it harden then I put it on top of the guitar cake. I used small silver cup cakes for the knobs on the base and just bits of rolled up tinfoil as the knobs on the top of the guitar. I just used bits of flake for the other detailing on the base. I managed to find some paper silver strings in a bake shop which was just luck really! It looked amazing and everyone loved it.

Cake by Cecilia C., Pleasant Grove, UT

Guitar Cake

Each year the kids and I try to find a birthday cake that represents my husband’s current interests. This year we decided on Guitar Hero but couldn’t find a store-bought one. Thus this creation was born! Our own guitar cake.

I used two white cake mixes and divided the batter into a 9×13 pan (for the body) and a bread pan (for the neck.) Make sure the batter in both pans is of equal depth. I made white buttercream frosting and used Wilton Cake tints for the frosting colors. We added extra powdered/sifting sugar to some of the frosting to make it thick enough for the details.

I was a little surprised that it worked and was glad not to have to make fondant. My young children frosted the cake and with a little piping I finished it up!

Cake by Ryan N., London, UK

Guitar Cake

We used the Wilton guitar shaped pan for this guitar cake and had some cake mix left over so put it in a sandwich tin and made an amp! Used Nigella Lawson’s buttermilk cake mix (in Domestic Goddess) and doubled the recipe. Used butter cream icing (with black and brown paste). The accessories were made from fondant and painted with edible silver paste. It’s our first attempt at a novelty cake and we are very proud!

Cake by Kimberly A., Robbinsville, NJ

Guitar Cake

I made this guitar cake for my son’s 1st Birthday which had a “Jammin Music” theme. My husband plays guitar so I went with that for the cake.

I used a Wilton guitar pan and followed the instructions for mixing amounts of frosting, coloring and Wilton tips to use etc. Mixing all the frosting took more time than I anticipated. The strings were the most difficult. May have been easier if icing was cold (and I was not rushing to finish). The cake was a hit and tasted good too.

Cake by Allie C., Oklahoma

Guitar Cake

I made this guitar cake for my friend’s son’s 12th Birthday. I had never made a guitar cake before but I said I would give it a go. I used two boxes of devils cake mix, one tub of chocolate frosting, a small amount of white frosting, one packet of red twizzlers, six mini marshmallows, six toothpicks, six red jelly beans, six small rectangle chocolates.

Make the cake as the directions state on the box. Pour just over half of the mix in a large rectangle baking dish, the rest in a slightly smaller one. Bake as directed on box and let cool.

I drew a template of a guitar on some parchment paper, cut out and placed on larger cooled cake. Cut around the shape using a sharp knife. Place the template of the neck of the guitar on the smaller cake and again cut around. Place both pieces of cake on the board you intend to decorate it on. I used a long wooden skewer to attach the neck of the guitar to the main body. Cover entire cake with the chocolate frosting.

Using the twizzlers, border the guitar on the top and at the very bottom. I decorated the guitar cake with the rest of the ingredients above. Making sure to remove any skewers and toothpicks as you are serving the cake.

Cake by Julie F., Smithfield, UT

Guitar Cake

I made two 9×13 cakes a day ahead and froze them. From one cake I cut the shape of the main part of the guitar cake. The second cake I cut the arm of the guitar.

I frosted the sides with chocolate frosting and the top with a mixture of vanilla and chocolate so it was lighter. The bar was a giant tootsie roll. The strings were white frosting. The “hole” was made with chocolate sprinkles dumped onto the cake through a ring for a jar. The tuners were 6 chocolate dum dum suckers.

Cake by Nancy K., San Diego, CA

Guitar Cake

I used the basic chocolate cake recipe for the guitar cake from the back of the Hershey’s cocoa box and a guitar shaped mold. The directions for decorating it seemed too complicated so I asked my husband, a bass player to help me with the placement of the pick guard etc.

I made the cake for my son Jeremy who also plays the bass. I would have made a saxophone cake but I couldn’t find the mold. Everyone agreed it came out way cool and delicious.

Cake by Lyndsey Foster, Humble TX

Guitar Cake

This guitar cake is made with the guitar pan by Wilton. It is a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I iced the side of the cake smooth with chocolate icing. I used a star tip and made the stars on the body of the cake. The top is iced smooth with black icing and the neck is iced smooth with a chocolate icing. I used white icing for the strings and other accents. This was a super easy cake to do.

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