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Jake’s 1st Birthday Mickey Cake

I made a sheet cake, two rounds and several cupcakes for this very special 3 D cake. This cake was for my first grandson Jake’s first birthday. I mapped out everything on a piece of aluminum foil, cut the sheet cake into the desired shape, along with the face and ears for Mickey. I iced them all with butter cream icing and tinted the icing the colors that I needed for each piece.

For Mickey’s ears I coated the butter cream icing with crushed Oreo cookies. I outlined his face with black icing  and red for his tongue, placed the cupcakes around the outside and decorated them too. Then I coated the top of all the cakes with rainbow sprinkles. I was very surprised of the outcome and I was pretty surprised that it was pulled off as well as it as. I was very proud of the efforts that went into this cake. It was the first 3 D cake that I ever made. The cake came out better than expected everyone loved it. There were a lot of compliments given,  some even thought it was store bought.

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