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Coolest Homemade Jukebox Cake Ideas

My sister was having a 50’s/’Hairspray themed party so I decided I would make her a jukebox cake. After tapping the word ‘jukebox’ into Google image search I came up with a brief outline/design of how it should look and got cooking.

I used a square tin and a rectangle (which I then turned into a semi-circle by cutting two corners off). Using prepared icing bought from the supermarket I kneaded in a few balls of different bright colors, yellow, orange, lime green and pink.

I then followed my design spreading the various colors on to create the juke box. I used liquorice allsorts (chopped into thinner slices), freckles, snakes and jellybeans to decorate and add detail.

(Be creative any bright fun candy can be used to create the shapes).

Jukebox Cake Photo

To write the words ‘happy 16th birthday’ as well as the criss-crossed lines in the middle I mixed up some icing sugar water and added black food coloring keeping it pretty thin. I then used a paint brush and with a steady hand painted the words on which worked really well. My sister and her guests loved the jukebox cake!

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Jukebox cake by Nichole Z., Buena Park, CA

Jukebox Cake Photo

I had a 50’s party for my two boys and wanted a cool jukebox cake. I looked all over to find a good one but really couldn’t. I saw a couple and used there idea for the shape. I made a regular 13X9 cake and then a round cake.

To shape the jukebox cake cut the round cake in half and put it on the top of the 13X9 cake and that’s your shape. I trimmed it all to be level. I used white frosting from a can and tinted it a tan color.

To decorate it I found neon colored Twizzlers. I used those for the sides and bottom. Then I found colored pull ‘n peel licorice (I think Twizzlers also). I used that for the top decoration, the speaker and in the middle for the song selection part. I used jelly beans for the buttons and I used Oreo’s for the records. I got at a jukebox platter at a party supply store and used it as my inspiration for the decorations.

It was actually easier than I thought and it was a hit at the party.

Jukebox cake by Debbie B., Santa Clara, CA

Jukebox Cake Photo

I was hosting a 50’s Rock-N-Roll Party and wanted something special for the cake. I looked online but couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I just took a picture of a real jukebox off the web, measured wax paper to fit my 15 x 11 pan and outlined the jukebox on the wax paper. I made little slits on the paper when I finished outlining it. I’ll explain why shortly.

Next I baked a basic butter cream cake. After cooling I whipped up 3 boxes of the Wilton Butter cream icing mix. I set aside 1/2 of the icing for later. I tinted the remaining half of icing with a soft yellow dye and iced the cake. Once it set (approx. 15 min) I smoothed the icing.

Next I laid the wax paper on the jukebox cake, took a toothpick and poked it gently through the slits so as to mark an outline. I separated the remaining icing and dyed each half one bright yellow the other bright green. I used a 4B tip to put shells around the bottom edges. Tip 10 was used for the inner green (upside down U-shape). I

I cut the end of another decorating bag to the width that I wanted the outside green edge on top and proceeded to pipe around the top. I sprinkled with bright green sugar sprinkles. I did the same for the bright yellow icing and sprinkles. I used a pink tube of icing (from the grocery store) to pipe between the green and yellow piped layers. Again pink sprinkles topped it. Be careful when applying the sprinkles as they have a tendency to get all over the other colors. I used a small strip of wax paper on either side of the piping to keep it somewhat contained.

Brown and black piping were used to make the grated areas music selection box area outline of record player arm and stripes on sides. Silver sprinkles were used on the outline areas and stripes on side. I used M&M’s as the music selection buttons and for the top and bottom outlines. I used Kit Kat bars at the base. I removed the centers from 3 Oreo cookies (sorry Dad I know you love that part best) and scraped the icing completely off. You now have 6 cookies.

I made 4 slits in the jukebox cake and put 4 of the cookies 1/2 way into them to look like records. The 5th cookie I laid on a small dab of icing to stay put. I took a small dab of white icing I had left over and put in on the center of the cookie to look more like a record. (The 6th cookie got eaten). I outlined in black the arm of a record player and put some remaining pink icing in the center of the arm piece.

This jukebox cake isn’t perfect as I’m not a pro decorator of party cakes, but it was so much fun to make. You can get creative with the colors to suit your own taste of course. Everyone at the party just thought it was for show and nobody cut into it until I made the first slice. It turned out delicious and I had everyone complimenting me over it.

Jukebox cake by Melissa P., Hamilton, OH

Jukebox Cake Photo

For my jukebox cake I used a 9×13 pan for the base and a 10 inch round pan for the top. I cut the 10 inch cake in half to form the rounded top. I decorated to match the invitation we used for a 50’s Rock n Roll party. It was a big “hit”!

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