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Coolest Turntable and Music Birthday Party Cakes

My mom, sister and I always make party cakes together. We used two quarter sheet cakes and used marshmallow fondant to cover them. Then we painted them silver. We used licorice laces to make the cords. The actual record is a piece of cardboard spray painted black and it does actually spin!

Turntable-Shaped Party Cakes

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Cake by Ira J., B.C., Canada

Turntable-Shaped Party Cakes

My husband and his friends are disc jockeys (DJs). When one of his friends’ birthday came up, he asked me if I had any ideas for birthday party cakes that would resemble a turntable cake.

Well, here’s my attempt (not bad for a first try).

When I made this cake, I used a basic chocolate recipe I found on the internet and baked it in a square pan just like the base of a turntable. I used chocolate buttercream icing to cover the main base (it’s supposed to be black but I thought it would look too dark).

For the top part of the square base I then used white icing so that the part that’s supposed to be a vinyl record would stand out more. I didn’t make a separate round piece to represent the part where the record actually sits, but instead I just made a ring of black icing that’s about 1/2 an inch high and filled it in until it looks a separate part.

I then just flattened out the top using my spatula. To decorate this ring I used the small silver candy balls that can be found in any cake decorating section of a grocery store. If you’ve seen a real turntable, you can see that there are silver dots on the side that’s supposed to kind of show how fast the record is going.

For the vinyl record part, I put a little smear of white icing on my icing spatula and as I was turning the cake with my cake table it was smearing and starting to look like there’s a vinyl record on top. I left a small black part in the middle, kind of like a real vinyl record.

For finishing touches, I put in the different buttons like “on” and “off” button, and of course the handle part where the needle is held in using black icing again. I put the word TECHNICS on the front side because that was the item I tried to copy, my husband’s TECHNICS turntable.

Good luck with your own party cakes!

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