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Coolest Bucket of Bugs & Dirt Cake

My son, who was turning 4 was really into bugs and loves to dig in the dirt! So we decided to have a “Bug” birthday for him.

The Cake was SUPER easy! I got alot of ideas from this site and went to work.

I mixed up 3 boxed cake mixes to make 18 cupcakes, (2) 9×12 cakes & (1) 8×8 cake. made 2 boxes of instant chocolate pudding, 1 liter of Whipping cream whipped with a bit of icing sugar & coco. 1 box of chocolate cookie crumbs. I found a plastic tub at the local dollar store, plastic shovels and 4 dozen plastic bug/snakes & frogs.

I layered the pudding, then cake (cut up into cubes) chocolate whip cream & cookie crumbs. Another layer of pudding the rest of the cake & to top it off I heated a bit of whip cream (DON’T BOIL) and then melted chocolate chips in it and mixed it till it was smooth. drizzeled some of that on top and finished it off with more cookie crumbs. Added the bugs, snakes, frogs & shovels. I also made a little garden marker out of popcicle sticks to write happy birthday on it.

For the cup cakes I dipped them into the whipcream/chocolate chip mixture and then dipped them into the cookie crumbs, topped them off with a drizzle of more whipcream/chip mixture and stuck a bug/frog/snake to the top. Put it all in the fridge to set and was done – took me a total of 1.5 hours! BEST cake ever too – everybody LOVED it and the kids got a kick out of all the bugs – I washed them up and gave them to the kids to take home along with a mini bug collection kit I had picked up for each of them! My Son LOVED his birthday!

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