Mardi Gras-Inspired Sunflower Cake

The first thing that stands out on this Mardi Gras-Inspired Sunflower cake are the multitude of colors. Therefore, I have named it the Mardi Gras-inspired sunflower cake.

The funny thing is that it was due to procrastination and low energy that I came to making this sunflower cake. My initial plan was to design a cake featuring a male head and their tummy sticking out as one of those funny cakes. I had even bought the rice krispies to mold into the face and fondant for the outside. While I was at Bulk Barn, an associate told me about a sale on cake pans and after going through a bunch of different cake molds,  the sunflower was the only practical one. The other cake pans were cartoon characters or animals. As I don’t have any children (to my knowledge) nor many excuses to bake big cakes, I found the sunflower mold to be the best fit. While, I was shopping for cake pans, I found a vanilla gluten-free cake mix, flower-shaped sprinkles and colorful rose petals to add to the flower theme.

Since, I was completely drained at the end of a work week, I decided to bake early in the morning the next day before my cake decorating class. Of course, things never go as planned. I ended up waking up pretty late and only got to baking in the early afternoon. My class was scheduled for 3:30 PM and only took out the cake an hour before. So, I carried this freshly baked cake (still very warm) to the class with two concerns: will it cool down in time for decoration and what am I going to do as my design? As it was a sunflower, I wanted to naturally have yellow and possibly, different hues of yellow.

In the process of decorating the petals with the star tip, I changed my mind and applied the following Wilton coloring pastes: copper, teal, and golden yellow. As this cake decoration was coming to fruition, I decided to go big and added multi-colored sprinkles on the petals. The center of the cake features the colorful flower-shaped sprinkles and five rose petals. I was still thinking of adding more, but had to resist temptation as a way to avoid the point of no return.

I am confident that I did everything possible to bring this sunflower to life with color on top of color much like the scene at Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras-Inspired Sunflower Cake