This started with my housemate getting my kids obsessed with Minecraft. We also have a collection of “keep calm” sayings in the house. So when his birthday came, the kids insisted on a Minecraft cake. I knew I had to incorporate a ‘keep calm’ saying.

Cakes are too much around her with the kids; cupcakes are a more grab and go easy eat. so I made a pile of mini cupcakes and two big giant ones (to become an Enderman head). Made frosting from my favorite butter cream recipe – it really holds up for decorating.  Made piping gel. Made marshmallow fondant (I do not understand why anyone uses the corn syrup yucky stuff anymore).

The cake just evolved…. the cupcakes became a sort of Enderman Island made of ‘grass blocks’ and a rectangle board for the keep calm saying.  Enderman was a total fly by the seat set up… he looked like he was just chilling there – so that  is where the Keep Calm, Play Minecraft came from.

The sword in his head, a Diamond Sword, is one of the only things that can kill an Enderman, so my daughter told me; she insisted it be added.