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Rainbow Birthday Cake

This is a 3 layer rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting, marshmallow clouds, fondant rainbow and name. I had leftover fondant from a previous cake so I rolled it out into long rope and used cookie cutters to do her name. Frosting provided the glue to stick it. Cake mix and frosting I purchased from local grocery store.

I always build my cakes on a Lazy Susan so I can spin and turn it while I decorate it, plus it makes it easier for displaying and enjoying at the party. You can cover the Lazy Susan with different color papers or tin foil to avoid mess, and easy clean up. I added big marshmallows around the base of the cake to give it the effect of clouds and whimsical~ness! I always add sprinkles to make my cakes feel festive and bright! Make sure you add the sprinkles not too long after you frost the cake or they wont stick. I recommend adding before you do the fondant and marshmallows.

Have fun! If you have children, letting them do the sprinkles allows them to participate and help! They love to help.   

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