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Coolest Horseshoe Cake with Wilton Cake Decorating Pan

My daughter, like most girls her age, is horse crazy and wanted to have a horse themed birthday. We had a barn party where everyone got to ride horses, etc, and I made this horseshoe horse cake.

This horse cake is a single layer horseshoe baked in the Wilton cake decorating horseshoe pan. I didn’t even level this horse cake, just turned it upside down and frosted!

I made two batches of thin icing – one all green for the base icing, the other I left white and colored green and blue as needed for the grass/water/writing. This horse cake is fairly simple – the most time consuming part was covering with grass. I was going for a dreamy-meadow-wishes-come-true kind of feeling cake with horses of course.

Horseshoe Cake

I iced the horse cake green all over and iced on blue icing for stream. I avoided completely mixing in the blue coloring for a more realistic water color, and also added touches of white icing, and blue and white cake sparkles on the stream. I then covered all the green with grass using Wilton tip 233 (my all time favorite tip!). I sprinkled the grass with green sugar (to give it depth) and green cake sparkles for – sparkle :-).

I topped the cake with toy foals and royal icing flowers (left over from a previous cake project of mine). I stuck a flower on one side of the black foal’s mouth and piped a green stem on the other to look as if it was holding the flower. I wrote on the cake board and added royal icing butterfly. She loved her horse cake – it was well worth the time!

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