Cake by Laura T., Fairborn, OH

For her third birthday my daughter wanted a Ming Ming (not sure if I spelled that right?) cake from the Wonder Pets. I searched for ideas all over for a Wonder Pets cake and came up with nothing so I made my own.

I frosted the whole cake in sky blue. I used a large round tip for the sun and a smaller round tip for the rays, pulling up a little as I came to the end. I used a large round tip for the cloud and just swirled it around. I used the grass tip for the grass and added a few flowers. Then for the duck I used a large star tip for the body and layered several layers to give it dimension. Then I used a medium/small round tip for the hat, cape, feet and nose. My daughter loved it!

Cake by Dawn S., Newport News, VA

Wonder Pets Cake Photo

When my daughter turned seven she really wanted a “Wonder Pets” birthday party and when she spotted these cupcakes on the Nick JR. website I didn’t have any choice but to try making a Wonder Pets cake! Linny’s hat and nose and Ming Ming’s beak are Starburst candies warmed in the microwave for three seconds and then shaped by hand. Linny’s ears are Tootsie Rolls warmed and shaped like the Starbursts. Ming Ming’s hat is cut from fondant; the website suggested using Tootsie Rolls but I found them too sticky to cut neatly.

All the eyes are mini M&M’s and Ming Ming’s goggles are regular M&M’s. Tuck’s hat is a large marshmallow cut in half with an M&M on top. The Wonder Pets emblem is just a cake baked in a 10″ pan. I thought the Tuck cupcakes looked a little goofy but couldn’t figure out any better way to make a turtle head! My daughter loved them all; that’s what counts!