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Baby Cake 23

by Rachael
(Waxhaw, NC, USA)

Baby Cake

Baby Cake

Well it all began by volunteering to make the baby cake to bring to my good friends baby shower. Its her second child and its a boy
this time (she already has her girl).

The cake itself is box mix. I used 2 8"round Wilton pans coated with shortening (no flour) and followed the instructions on each box, one is yellow and one is chocolate. Upon cooling the cakes I cut the top level prior to stacking them.
The filling between the layers is B.C. milk chocolate frosting. I then crumb coated in homemade buttercream frosting. The fondant is Satin Ice, the best ever fondant (Wiltons doesn't taste so good) so I like to get it at a local cake shop.

Roll the fondant out and place over cake smoothly and whala! The stars and moons are cutouts of blue fondant. I wanted to do something for both my friend and her husband, a huge Mets fan,
that's when I decided to make the baby under a Mets cap,and then added the teddy, train, and crayon to give it a baby feel (all made from fondant).

Now the interesting part is I found these markers that write on cake called gourmet writer pens. I love them! All the little details on the cake are drawn in the gourmet writer pens.

I am very proud of this cake and I'm glad to share it with you all.

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love it
by: sue thomas

wow your getting good at this!!!

Great job!
by: Lauren

Wow Rachael! What a beautiful cake. I always knew you had a sweet tooth, but I had no idea you were a baker too! What a masterpiece!

great cake
by: aunt kathy

I love it i new you could do anything you wanted love you sweetie

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Coolest Baby Cake 29

by Kim J.
(Jackson, KY)

Homemade Baby Cake

Homemade Baby Cake

I made this baby cake for my friend Lindsey's baby shower. It took 2 cake mixes because we fed several people. I made 2 large round cakes and one small round cake. The 2 large were for the head and body and the small was used to make the arms and ears.

I used white and chocolate cake mixes to satisfy different tastes. I used white icing and gel food coloring. She was having a boy so of course I used blue for the diaper. The eyes, nose, and hair is black writing icing. The pacifier is real, I just cut a small hole in the cake and inserted it which added a special touch.

The feet are made from the same icing that I did the body in, I just put icing flat out on wax paper, put it in the freezer to where it was stiff but still moldable then placed on top of diaper and stenciled on toes. The belly button is a small drop of yellow gel food coloring.

The girl cakes are fun to add bows to the hair and experiment with curly or straight hair.

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Coolest Baby Cake 18

by Annette
(Murrieta, CA)

Baby Cake

Baby Cake

I made this baby cake from the Wilton 2008 yearbook but I didn't like the fondant ready to use icing and I didn't have time to make it from scratch. It also seems like such a waste to make the arms completely out of fondant, knowing that no one will eat it!

I also wanted to make a more detailed face so I searched for baby clip art to get a few ideas and then came up with this.

The face and body are each made from 8" rounds, a heart pan for the arms, and a mini cupcake for ears. Everything is covered with buttercream icing I made using my grandmother's secret recipe. It tasted so yummy and my girlfriend loved it for her shower.

When I make this cake again I'd like to change the eyebrows, she looks like she's ready to throw a temper tantrum!

Let's all eat more cake!

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This is HORRIBLE!!!
by: Anonymous

This is one of the worst cakes I've seen!! Are you kidding??? The kid looks scary

by: Gin

I like it! I am looking for ideas for my daughter's first birthday cake and this cake suits her perfectly! She looks like a little devil baby!

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