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Baby Girl Cake

by Melissa R

For this cute cake I purchased the baby topper and added a pink pow secured in place with a glue gun. I used a Wilton bowl separator set. I filled the bowl with pink transparent basket wrappers and positioned 4 pink baby blocks spelling out baby inside the bowl as well. The top tier is a double layer 10" cake and the bottom tier is a double layer 12" cake. I used pre~made sugars to decorate both cakes.

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Coolest Eebee Baby Cake

by Donna G.
(Crestwood, IL)

Homemade Eebee Baby Cake

Homemade Eebee Baby Cake

I made this Eebee Baby Cake for my son Jack's 1st Birthday. Copied it just from looking at the Eebee Baby Stuffed Doll. Made of 2 9in round cakes. Made and colored my own frosting for the face (would have liked to make it more orangy).

For the hair I used fondant coloring to color the fondant and rolled it around wooden clothes pins. For the eyes I also used fondant. It was a huge success!

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by: eebee's adventures

Great cake. We're very pleased to see that eebee was the inspiration for your child's birthday cake. If you haven't already, please join the "famileebee" on facebook: and post the picture there, too. Thanks.

All the best,
The eebee team

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Coolest Baby Rump Cake 22

by Dani D.
(Ocean View, Hawaii, USA)

Homemade Baby Rump Cake

Homemade Baby Rump Cake

The bottom of this baby rump cake is butter cream frosting, top is round ball cake and fondant.

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by: Jen

How did you make the feet?

can you help me make this cake
by: laura

I would like to make this cake for a friend. how do I make the rump and feet

Feet and rump
by: Danihurricane

Sorry girls took me long to answer!
The feet are just fondant, I traced the wrinkles and then bent it, added little balls for toes.
The rump is half of a ball cake , nothing to it!
Hope it helped!

A little help
by: Anonymous

I've made this cake before - I used fondant for the legs, feet, toes, and behind (and the blanket). I colored the fondant for the skin with ivory Wilton food coloring.

Use rice crispy treats
by: Anonymous

The person that made a cake much like this for my baby shower used rice crispy treats for the feet and legs.

Baby cake
by: Samantha

How do I go about ordering a cake like this?Cute cake

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