My little sister is nicknamed Booger so it’s only fitting that I made her a booger cake for her birthday. She requested red velvet so the interior is just a box red velvet cake. I had to improvise the shape as I wasn’t entirely too sure what shape to make a Booger Cake.

The bottom layer was a 9in pie plate (I didn’t have anything smaller), the middle was baked in a 4 cup glass measuring cup that was oven safe, and the top is a cupcake top. I ended up making a few more cupcakes and really should have put the majority of the mix into the measuring cup, but was just unsure how much it would rise.

Once all of the cakes cooled a bit, I cut off an excess 1″ ring of the pie plate and added it around the middle section to give it more diameter. I crumb coated the cake with some leftover buttercream thinned with water. I iced in between the layers to glue and then refrigerated it all.

My biggest fear was that red velvet cake always has cream cheese icing which I had never made and had no clue if coloring it would be bad. I got a LOT of responses online from using piping gel to other icing. I went ahead and colored a tiny amount nasty green and did quite a few taste tests (I just HAD to be sure it was okay for my little sis. It ended up tasting great. To add a little slickness, I dipped my angled spatula into ice cold water and it gave a nice sheen to the whole cake.

For added grossness, I colored some piping gel and spread it around the bottom. Overall, HUGE success, even with the gross factor. We had half a slice left at the end of the night.