My daughter Kelsey was turning six and she decided she wanted yet another princess party. Last year she had a princess theme and she went with her favorite princess Ariel and I paid a friend to make that cake. This year my mom talked me into giving it a try myself. Now I am not a baker by any means but my mom is always up for a challenge when it comes to making just about anything and she agreed if I would do it that she would help.

So I said sure why not and asked Kelsey what kind of cake did she want. She said a Castle Birthday Cake and then the hunt was on for different styles of castle cakes. I looked on other sites but I found that this one had the best ones to choose from and they seemed fairly simple. So after looking at a ton of pics we decided to combine a few and incorporate her second favorite princess Sleeping Beauty.

It took three boxes of cake mix and we made six layers (two of each size). I would have to say the trickiest part was making the turrets. We decided to bake some of the cake into the cake cones in hopes that it would offer more support. But because we spent so much time on them and put so much frosting on them they got soggy after time and started to fall over. Trial and error I guess right?

So I just waited until a few hours before the party and made up a second batch (without cake baked inside) and they managed to hold up. I was surprised at how simple these were yet how hard it was to get them to stay balanced.

All in all I thought we both did an excellent job considering this was our first time making a castle cake. And when I seen the look of joy and happiness on my daughter’s face it made all the hours of decorating worth it. She said her cake was her favorite part of her birthday!

Thanks again mom for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!