My Dear Autumn wanted an ice cream cake and she wanted a castle cake. So I call the local ice cream place, ask how much that will be and they say….$300.00! Well of course I then had to figure out how I could make this dream cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday myself.

So first I made home made organic vanilla ice cream in my maker. I poured it into a plastic rectangular baking pan that came with a lid so it would be protected in the freezer. I quickly pressed crushed cookie crumbs(chocolate wafers or Oreo’s work best) and stuck it in the freezer. I also poured some into a small round plastic bowl for the second floor to the castle adding the cookies and covering for the freezer.

Then I made the organic home made chocolate ice cream. I poured that over the cookie crumbs in both pans and made it nice and flat.They sat for two days in the freezer until the night before the “Big Day”. I should have put wax paper down first to be able to take the cake out easier. Next time.

So I bought a foil tin big square at the grocers. I think they are for the bottom of your oven for my base for the castle. There was enough room on this to add some scenery and be able to carry it. It did take up a whole shelf in my upright stand alone freezer.

Once I frosted a small area of the foil liner base I placed the rectangle ice cream cake on it. The frosting helps stuff stick. Kind of like glue in the cake world. Then I very quickly frosted the cake with vanilla creamy frosting. It works great but you have to stop as soon as the cake starts to thaw, refreeze, and then every 15- 20 minutes wait to start again. It wont spread anymore once it starts thawing out. So put it on really thick and fast.

I had to use three cans to cover the cake and turettes. Next time I am going to try to mix frosting with whipped cream and see if that’s easier. For the turrets I had dipped 9 plain wafer ice cream cones and 5 sugar cones in white chocolate, but they dried too fast and I didn’t have time to put the pink sugar on them. Also the freezer hardened the coating and it started falling off. So then I had to frost all the cones and then used frosting to stack them.

I sprinkled the sugar(pointy)cones with pink sugar. I used vanilla canned frosting to stick the cones to the cake and to each other. I decorated them with mini baking m&m bits and pink decorative icing. I also looked high and low for a white chocolate candy bar to make doors and windows for my castle. I wound up having to use an oreo cookie candy bar. I covered the windows back up with pink icing because I didn’t like the way they looked(brownish) so I squirted pink icing over them. I did leave it as the door and bridge though. I then took green and blue icing tubes and made bushes and water. I found these pens with princess stamps on top so I covered the stamp part with foil and then buried them in icing. I placed Ariel in the water and then Aurora on the first layer and Cinderella on the top.

The ice cream is easy, in a maker you just scald Organic Milk until it has tiny bubbles. Take off heat add Organic sugar and melt it. Add vanilla, a bit of salt, the Organic heavy whipping cream and Organic half and half. Stir and chill for a half hour. To make the chocolate I added the morsels into the milk when scaling it to melt them. Then followed the makers instructions.

It took about eight hours to make this cake and was a challenge since I’ve never made an ice cream cake, let alone one into a castle. But it was the most fun to see all the kids faces when it came out! We played pin the kiss on the froggy, ring toss and dressed up like princesses. They all got princess canvas bags with jewelery and princess themed trinkets. It was great fun. I thank everyone on this site for giving me the inspiration not to give up and make my daughters dreams come true. Just turned three and as I tucked her in she said, “Mom thanks for giving me the best party ever!”. I cried