My son for his 5th birthday decided he wanted a space shuttle cake. I looked on this site and decided to go with a Homemade Space Shuttle Birthday Cake Design similar to one found here that included a planet. I also did some additional cupcakes, which have little alien heads on them made from the moldable cake stuff….(sorry can’t remember what it’s called). These were supposed to look like little space ships.

We used a ball cake pan for the planet and decided to go with a pound cake recipe, so the cake would be more dense and hopefully not fall apart easily. We used a bread pan for the main part of the shuttle and carved the basic shape. We then used and additional 9×13 cake pan for the wings and tail. We used icing and toothpicks to hold the pieces together. We used a star tip to cover the planet, varied the colors and tried to create a wave-like pattern.

I originally was not going to elevate the shuttle, but after beginning the project, I realized the shuttle was much smaller than anticipated, so I felt like we needed to do something to make it more interesting.

The cake is sitting on a cardboard base cut to the shape of the shuttle. It was much heavier than we thought it would be, so we were not able to secure it over the planet at the angle I wanted.

We also finished the planet icing the night before, so when we went to attach the shuttle above it, the icing had hardened, and crumbled partially where we inserted the tube base on the front end of the shuttle. I think if we had put it together earlier while the icing and cake was still moist, it would not have crumbled, and distorted the planet so much. You can see where I had to reapply icing to to the area beneath the shuttle.

You can’t see it, but we had candles coming out of the booster rocket pipes at the back, which my son got to blow out.

We were happy with the end result, but I will never try to do a cake like this if I have to move it afterwards! It made it to the party, but the shuttle’s tail fell off while singing happy birthday!