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Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake Idea 131

by Korynn
(Westchester, NY)

Homemade  Elmo Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake Idea

I made a three tier cake using, each tier layered with chocolate cherry cake and butter vanilla cake with peanut butter icing for this Elmo Birthday Cake Idea. I covered them with fondant then used cookie cutters to put shapes on them. Since it was my son's second birthday, I put a two on the top tier.

I always bake my cakes two days before, wrap them well with cellophane then refrigerate them. This ensures that the cakes are not too soft and delicate. I also used dowels as you would for a tiered cake.

After debating whether or not to use a 3-D bear mold for Elmo, and carve it to shape, I decided to make him out of Rice Cripsy Treats. They are lighter and easier to mold/carve. Elmo's eyes are made out of fondant and I made a cut in his head and covered it in black fondant for his mouth. His arms are also Rice Crispy treats with a dowel for support.

Using a star tip, I piped tinted butter cream icing on Elmo to give him a furry look. I also made a thin tray of treats and using cookie cutters cut out "Happy Birthday Andrew" and arranged them around the bottom layer. I airbrushed the lettering around the cake to make it match Elmo.

Needless to say, I got many compliments and there was not a scrap of cake left (I only had 30 guests!). My son loved his cake and to me, that is all that matters.

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Coolest Elmo Cupcakes 10

by Megan S.
(Newtown, PA)

Homemade Elmo Cupcakes

Homemade Elmo Cupcakes

These homemade Elmo cupcakes were for my son's daycare class for his 2nd birthday - he was obsessed with Elmo.

I simply baked and iced the cupcakes with white icing. I then dipped them in red jimmies (I had to special order these from online, but they were pretty reasonable in price). For the eyes, I used a larger round tip to create a mound of white icing. I then used black decorator icing and a smaller round tip for the pupils and the mouth.

The nose is an orange jellybean, but could be anything...his birthday was just after Easter, so I had them on hand.


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Coolest Elmo Cupcakes and Cake 128

by Josee

Homemade  Elmo Cupcakes and Cake

Homemade Elmo Cupcakes and Cake

I started this Elmo Cupcakes and Cake with an 8" single layer round cake, then cutout enough room for 2 eyes to slide into the top part of the cake. I cut off the top of a cupcake, frosted it and put it below/between the eyes to make the nose. I then frosted the entire round red, the eyes white and added a dot for the eyeballs using a black gel frosting.

I then surrounded the cake with pink and red frosted cupcakes because this cake was for my daughter, and I wanted to make it more girly. I found the Elmo sugar decorations at a local craft store.

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Coolest Elmo Cupcakes 103

by Ginny
(Norfolk, Va)

Homemade Elmo Cupcakes

Homemade Elmo Cupcakes

These Elmo Cupcakes were really easy to make! I made red buttercream frosting and used the Wilton grass tip (#233) for Elmo's furry face. I used pre-made, store bought eyes made from sugar for Elmo's eyes. I used a Wilton round tip (#12) to pipe an oval mound for Elmo's nose.

For Elmo's mouth, I drew a template using paper. Once I figured the correct size, shape, etc., I traced the paper template onto wax paper. I then piped melted chocolate onto the wax paper. It didn't take long to set. The mouths came off from the wax paper really easily. I added the mouth and voila.....Elmo!

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by: Cheryl

These are the best Elmo cupcakes I have seen. Great job! My grandson is turning 2 and my daughter is having an Elmo birthday. These are going to be great. The chocolate mouth just "makes" it.

Thanks for the idea!

by: Amy

These Elmo cupcakes look wonderful. These are the best looking ones I have seen. My daughter is turning 2 the end of the month and she loves Elmo. These will be great! Thanks for the idea. She will love them.

by: victoria

im looking for the pre made eyes. what size were the ones u purchased? they were perfect!

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Coolest Elmo Cupcake 102

by Christy S.
(Bellevue, WA)

Homemade  Elmo Cupcake

Homemade Elmo Cupcake

I started this Elmo Cupcake with your basic Cupcake. Decorating was very simple. Icing mixed with coconut for texture, large marshmallows cut in half for the eyes, with black frosting center. For his nose I used Orange Marshmallow Peanuts by Brach Candy. His mouth is a Oreo Cookie, just the cookie though.

My nephews who are 2 and 4 loved these.

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