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Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

by Janet Hunsinger
(Starr, SC, USA)

My grandson loves guitar's, so we made this cake for his 13th birthday. We have a large family and the guitar by it's self was not big enough, so we put it on a 13 x 19 base cake. The guitar is chocolate with chocolate icing and covered with black marshmallow fondant. We made the fondant with marshmallow cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar. It tastes sooo much better than the store bought kind. The base cake is marble, both cakes were from a mix. The base cake, was frosted with dark blue butter cream icing and decorated with sugar decals we got in a Duff Goldman guitar cake kit. The black base piece of the guitar also came from the kit, everything else is eatable.Bridge pieces are white butter cream, and the strings are yellow butter cream. The guitar pattern was also in the kit. We use the pattern to cut the guitar shape out of a 13 x 19 cake. The guitar was heavy,so we put it on it's own board, cut to shape. Then we used cut straws pushed into base cake to support it. It took a whole bottle of black gel food color to make the fondant. It took several hours to make this cake, but it was worth it. My grandson and his friend's loved it, they thought it was the coolest birthday cake ever. We froze the cake left over from leveling the cakes and cutting out the guitar, and made a really great chocolate/berry trifle a few days later.

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This cake is awesome
by: Fran Maney

This cake rocks! You did a wonderful job on this!

by: Linda & Angel

It's awesome isn't it? We did a great job.

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Guitar Birthday Cake

by heather

this cake I made for my cousin and i used a guitar pan. i was inspired to make this cake because my grandma bought my cousin a jacket that said girls rock on it and had a really cool guitar on it, my cousin absolutely loved the jacket so i decided that making a guitar cake would be perfect for her. this was my first cake using the star tip and i was a little nervous that it was going to take to long and i wouldn't have the cake done in time but it took me less than 10 minutes. it took longer to make the frosting and mix the colors to what i wanted.

for this cake i used a betty crocker white cake mix, the first layer of frosting is just betty crocker frosting as well as the strings. but the pink and purple frosting is homemade frosting of powdered sugar, milk, butter and vanilla. when i made the strings i used a ruler to give me a guideline so my lines weren't to crooked.

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Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake 101

by Deb P.
(Streator, Il.)

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

This guitar birthday cake was made for my nephew's 6th birthday. I used a Wilton Guitar pan. The cake took two cake mixes, and I made my own buttercream frosting. The guitar neck was plastic and came with the cake pan. I took it from it's original white and gold color to black and white with craft paint.

The circles running down the neck were made by dipping the eraser end of a new pencil in white paint, thus making a perfect circle. I did not paint the underside that touches the cake. Wanting guitar strings that appeared firm, I took dry thin spaghetti and painted it with silver craft paint. Again, no paint touched the cake.

I attached the "strings" to the neck and base pieces with Elmer's glue, making it simple to just lift the whole piece off of the cake prior to serving. The center hole was filled in with black frosting using a star tip. Mason loved his "guitar" cake as much as I loved making it for him!

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Guitar cake.
by: Anonymous

A really great job, Debbie. You show real talent.Keep up the good work.

guitar cake
by: Kelly

That is so nice! So neat and clean!

Very good job!

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