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Guitar Cake 49

by Amy
(Ogden, Utah)

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

I got the idea for this guitar cake after my son asked for a cake that looked like a "real" guitar. After looking for cake pans, I decided to look "real", I must try to sculpt the cake myself.

I made 2 rectangle sheet cakes and cut the base of the guitar out of one and the handle out of the other. I iced the entire cake with buttercream and then covered the base with red fondant and the handle with brown fondant. I then rolled out the black fondant and cut it into the shape I wanted and place it on top of the red base.

This was only my second time working with fondant and it was actually pretty easy. You have to use plenty of powdered sugar as you roll it out to keep it from sticking to the surface you are working on. I used white and black buttercream to make the lines and dots on the handle and base and then used wire I had found in the floral department for the guitar strings. I piped white buttecream dots on the ends of the wire to hold it into place. I think scuplted the black tuners of the guitar with black fondant and attached them with toothpicks.

Finally, I piped a star border around the base of the cake with black buttercream. My son loved it!!

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guitar cake
by: Chauntelle

I live on Ogden, Ut...would love a cake like this for my son. Would you be willing to make a cake like this if I paid you?

my son's 2nd bday
by: simone

I'm sorry but i have to copy your cake, i liked everywhere and I love your cake can you post the steps to making the cake

Thank You!
by: Megan

Thank you so much for this picture and instructions. My boyfriend is a huge electric guitar fan and I really appreciate having your ideas to base my cake off of!

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Coolest Guitar Cake 54

by Eryn

Les Paul's Guitar Cake

Les Paul's Guitar Cake

I made this guitar cake for my dad's birthday. He loves to play and trade guitars and his name just happens to be Les Paul, so I thought this cake would be very fitting.

I didn't have to buy any special pans to make this cake which was nice. I made it all with one 11 x 15in pan. I started by drawing out the guitar on a poster board and I cut it into three sections: the body, the neck, and the very end. I used these as templates. I used a traditional red velvet recipe with icing that could be stored at room temperature because the cake was too long to fit in the fridge.

After I baked the cake and let it cool, I put it in the freezer before I cut out the shapes I needed. I used fondant icing over the whole top of the cake for decorating, even the white part; red velvet icing isn't real good for decorating on. I used my templates again to cut out the shapes I needed for the fondant. I didn't use fondant icing for the strings; they were piped on last.

Coloring the fondant took forever so if you can find the icing in the colors you wanted I would definitely recommend buying it.

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hey lady
by: Anonymous

John told me about this cake b/c I am crazy obsessed with guitars lately. I am impressed. We took a couple of classes together in college. I sure hope that you remember me. I heard through the grapevine that you are living in my hometown. Send me your number; I would love to meet your family. I will call next time I am in the Brownwood area.


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Coolest Guitar Cake 65

by Lisa
(Walworth, NY)

Guitar  Cake

Guitar Cake

This guitar cake was for my daughter's Hannah Montana birthday party.

I used the Wilton Guitar pan and make a sour cream dark chocolate cake and frosted it with white buttercream. A couple days ahead of time I made a double batch of fondant and tinted it purple.

Then I used pink and purple frosting to make the strings.

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