Ahoy Mateys Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

I made this pirate ship birthday cake for my son.  I am a bargain shopper, so coming up with his 8th birthday party theme was challenging.  I didn’t want to do what all the other kids are doing so the search was on.

I happened to be at a second hand store and I couldn’t believe it! I found a huge bag of pirate decorations for a party. And the cost for it all was only $5!

I was inspired to create the coolest pirate ship cake for my son. So this is what I did….

I found a cake mix on sale.  You can’t beat .99 each and I figured I’d need three mixes for the three 9 x 13 pans.  We went for all chocolate.

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake Instructions

  • I used one of the 9 x 13 cakes and cut one end to make a point for the front of the ship.
  • I carefully set aside the two triangles I had cut off.
  • I added a layer of homemade chocolate buttercream (recipe found on Pinterest) on the ship’s body to be a glue to position the 2 triangles on the front to make the deck.
  • Then, I took the other 9 x 13 and cut it in half and then trimmed it to be equal size to stack on the end of the ship, using the icing between thèm.  Hey it looked like a ship shape so I was happy.
  • I iced all of it in the chocolate icing and used a large fork to make the wood look on the ship.
  • I piped circles for the windows and lightened up the icing by adding white icing to chocolate to make the border.
  • I happened to have the pirate figures in my treasure hat I found at the second hand store.
  • Paper sails on skewers and blue buttercream for water finished the look.

Of course my son said it was the best pirate ship he had ever seen (and the only one… lol). It was a fun cake to make since I got to make it out of my inspiration… my $5 treasure!

Ahoy Mateys Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

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