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Romina from Malta

Most cake designers cater to a certain area within a city. Maybe, to an entire city (if it’s a small one). And, if the word about their cakes really gets around, they may get orders from neighboring cities as well. However, Romina, a work-from-home mother of two, delivers her cakes to an entire country!

OK, so she lives in Malta, one of the smallest countries in the world. An archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is about the same size as Little Rock, Arkansas. From the very north of the main island to the very south it takes about an hour to drive. So, if you happen to live anywhere in Malta and you need a cool birthday cake, you can always turn to Romina.

Like many other cake designers, at the very foundation of Romina’s love for cake decorating stands her mother who made her childrens’ birthday cakes and let them take part. “Since I was a teenager I liked to help my mother decorate our birthday cakes,” recalls Romina. “Although the cakes consisted of only some melted chocolate and some sprinkles on the top, I still enjoyed it a lot. This applied not only to cakes but also to other types of deserts or vegetable dishes which needed some sort of decorations.”

As a mother herself, Romina made her daughters first birthday Ladybug cake and it was such a success that from that point onwards friends began to ask her to make their cakes and the word began to spread around the… country.

With two young children at home, Romina normally makes her cakes while they are at school or late at night while everyone is fast asleep. “While I am decorating a cake I feel extremely relaxed,” says Romina. “I forget the stress of daily life. For those hours it’s just me and my cake, nothing else.”

A self-taught cake decorator, Romina never went to any cake decorating classes and learned all she knows from books and YouTube. She also doesn’t dream of having her own full-time cake business. “Cake decorating is a hobby for me and I would like it to remain a hobby,” she admits. “In fact, I do not do more than 2 cakes per week because I don’t have enough time to do more and because I’m afraid that if I have too many cakes to do, I will be very stressed and wouldn’t continue to enjoy it anymore.”

Romina’s main word of advice for fellow cake decorators is: PATIENCE. “Patience when baking the cake, patience when decorating it and patience with the customers (especially the difficult ones).”

Romina’s Cakes

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