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Linda from Walsall, England

“My dream would be to work from home full time cake baking…”

Over the past years, Linda from Walsall England has shared with us many of her amazing cakes, photos and very often detailed writeups of how she made the cakes and the part we love most – the story behind the cake.

Every cake that’s submitted to this site is manually reviewed and approved. Sometimes we get two or three cakes from the same cake-decorator. Sometimes a few more. But the number of cakes Linda has posted is beyond belief, as are her cakes.

We just had to meet up with Linda and find out a little bit more about this very special cake-decorating enthusiast.

Linda, 50, is married with two grown children who have families of their own. Evenings are her favorite time to bake and she’s often up till midnight decorating her cakes.

“I’ve always baked birthday cakes for my children throughout the years,” says Linda. “However, it’s nothing like I do now. As my children grew up and I had more time to myself, I started to look things up. YouTube was very helpful. I learned about icing and decorating and gradually over the years I have obtained many decorating tools and I’m still adding to my collection.”

Linda’s biggest challenge was making her daughter’s wedding cake. On special occasions, close members of my family also get a cake (“whether they want one or not…”) and, although she’s never promoted her cakes, once in awhile Linda gets orders mainly by word of mouth from people who have seen what she’s done in the past.

“Although I put a lot of work into the decoration, the cost of my cakes is minimal because all my icing is hand coloured and as long as the cost is covered that’s fine,” says Linda. “My dream would be to work from home full time cake baking but I don’t have the room nor the time so maybe one day I’ll get work in a cake decorating shop. Its just a buzz to be decorating a cake!”

As a little girl, Linda used to watch her mom bake and now she is passing on the passion of baking to her granddaughter, Brooke. “She gets so excited when she sees the mixer come out and I let her crack the eggs,” says Linda. “She gets to choose the coloured cupcake cases and sprinkles too and takes them home to her mom and dad.”

If you want to contact Linda, you can either leave her a comment below (and also congratulate Linda on being selected our Cake-Maker of the Month). You can also contact Linda directly at lindarainbow[at]ymail.com.

Linda’s Cakes

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