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Hope from Birmingham, AL

Our featured cake decorator, Hope Crocker, describes herself as a perfectionist and judging from the impeccable detail of the cakes she has shared on our site, we’d have to agree that’s true.

Hope was a young mother when she was introduced to the art, or should I say “obligation,” of cake decorating. Every mother makes fabulous homemade cakes for each of their children’s birthdays, right? Well… maybe not, but according to Hope’s mother-in-law they do.

Wow! What a challenge this new daughter-in-law faced. Hope had never made a cake in her life or even considered doing so. She was determined though, and her cake making “career” began with a HOPE and a prayer.

To be clear, Hope couldn’t imagine a better mother-in-law. In her words…

“I absolutely adore my mother-in-law. She is an amazing woman and I am so happy she encouraged me to start cake decorating.”

We are too, Hope. We are too!

Thanks Grandma Crocker. We’re pretty impressed by the talent your inspiration brought out in your daughter-in-law.

The Novice Perfects Her Cake Decorating Craft

Hope’s first cake decorating experience was stressful to say the least, but time passed and that memory faded. With each new cake she created, her confidence and talent grew. She soon realized how fun and rewarding creating something from scratch could be.

Yes! Hope was hooked and it didn’t take long before she graduated to working with fondant. That was the game changer and the rest, as they say, is history. Hope became a full-fledged cake decorating hobbyist.

“My second son’s 1st birthday cake was my very first attempt at fondant. It was amazing. I loved it! Immediately friends started asking me to create cakes for their children. And I haven’t stopped since.”

Hope is 100% self taught. She has never taken a cake decorating class of any sort. In the early days, she would search through Coolest-Birthday-Cakes.com looking for inspiration and ideas. She then started getting books from her local library and watching every cake decorating show she could find.

One of Hope’s most challenging cakes was a pumpkin wedding cake (see below). Her cakes are visually stunning and speak volumes about her commitment to the art of decorating. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but we love how Hope’s cakes always come with memorable stories too. Simply click on any of her cakes to read the stories behind them.

Hope’s advice to aspiring cake decorators…

“The cake decorating world is such a supportive community. Never be afraid to ask questions and try something new. I have learned that pushing myself and creating something I never thought I could pull off is the most rewarding experience of all.”

Mixing Cake and Family

Hope is a stay-at-home mom of “three amazing little boys” (a 7, 5, and 1 year old). Her sons are her biggest fans and she loves that they are sharing her cake decorating adventure with her. Not only does she get to spend time with them while baking, but she says that their honest feedback and tips “make her cakes even better.” In fact, her oldest son even sketches out cake designs and ideas for her. Sounds like there may be some 3rd generation artistic talent in the family.

Cake decorating and family do not require a balancing act for Hope. Her family is her priority and cake decorating is her hobby.

She has considered starting a business, but has put the idea on hold for a while longer.

“Every time the thought crosses my mind, I am reminded that this time with my babies is so short. One day they will be older and all in school. There will be plenty of time for a business then. Right now I just enjoy being with them and having this wonderful little hobby on the side.”

Hope is also teaching her children the joy of being benevolent through her cake decorating. She takes any opportunity to donate cakes to churches, schools, fundraisers, etc. Not only do her donations bless others, but she receives the extra special reward of her family’s wholehearted support and pride in what she does.

“I always donate cakes to my children’s schools for any events taking place and they are always so proud. It makes my heart smile to see the pride on their little faces. They will literally walk up to any stranger and tell them that their mommy is the greatest cake decorator in the world.”

Wow! Who needs advertising when you have kids like these?

Can Your Order One of Hope’s Cakes?

If you’re lucky enough to live in Birmingham, Alabama or one of its surrounding suburbs you can order one of Hope’s cakes. She’s in high demand because there aren’t a lot of bakeries in the Birmingham area that do the kind of fondant work she does, so my advice is to order early.

You can contact her at http://www.hopessweetcakes.com or email her at hopessweetcakes@gmail.com. She also has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Hopessweetcakes. Be sure to stop by and LIKE her sweet cakes.

Hope’s Cakes

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