My nephew is obsessed with everything Japanese. He wanted a Japanese themed birthday party. I offered to provide the birthday cake. The inspiration for this garden cake came from a decorative Zen garden my manager had in her office.

I made a standard yellow cake for the base. I cut out approximately one inch in from all sides, so it had an open boxed look to it. My nephews helped cover the base in fondant, which was ‘marblelized’ by adding brown food coloring. I glazed the edges with water and brown food coloring.

The sand was made from granulated brown sugar. The rocks were made from marbleized fondant of various colors. The rake was made from the little chocolate covered wafer like snacks called Poxies. We broke a few into pieces to make the rake prongs, and ‘glued’ them to the handle by using melted chocolate.

We researched on the internet how to say Happy Birthday and iced that on as well. We hope says what it’s supposed to!