Coolest Birthday Cake X Box 360 41

2011 ~ The New X Box 360 with Controller Birthday Cake for a kids 10th Birthday! Three chocolate cake boxes used! 2 jugs of Triple Chocolate Chip Frosting from Safeway! Frost each layer before fondant. Roll out a big black piece of fondant and lay over the cake. Trim excess off edges.

Double layer square cakes for the Xbox and 13 x 9 cut in half for controller. Use the second half as a back up for which ever one cuts out best! The little buttons and details can be added last rolling out with your fingers, into balls, and then dust the cake with silver edible dust from Michael’s! Use cookie cutters to write your birthday message!

This cake was for my Jarebear on his 10th Birthday! He loves gaming! I can’t wait to show him it! It was very easy to make and a lot of fun really!

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