Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a Breast Cancer Awareness bowling league. I used store-bought icing tinted with Wilton paste coloring for the flesh and homemade buttercream icing for the rest.

I thought the buttercream might be too rough looking and might seem less realistic. I outlined the ribbons with a writing tip and then filled in using a simple star tip, that way there was a distinct line and border.

My kids thought is was the funniest cake ever and I heard the folks at the bowling alley liked the Breast Cancer Awareness Cake too!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Cake”

  1. I’m hosting a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day later this month (July, 2010) in DC and totally want this cake! How awesome!!!! Did you sculpt it or was it done from a mold? Are you in the cake business, or is this just a hobby for you? You are very talented!

  2. That is really cool. I know you have been asked this a million times but did you make this out of a pan or hand make it? Thats amazing if you hand made it but either way it’s a really cool cake.

  3. Dude I wanna know if you used a pan or sculpted it… I think this is the best cake I have seen in my life!!! You have a God given talent and if your not in the cake business you need to be!!! This isn’t a cake…it’s artwork!!!

  4. This is such a beautiful cake. It’s very classy! Please tell me, and everyone else, did you use a special cake pan or did you sculpt this yourself. If you used a pan, where did you get it?


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