I made this Octopus Baby Shower Cake for my niece’s 1st baby shower. The theme for the shower was “Under the Sea with Baby and Me!”

A cute rolled fondant octopus cake was the inspiration to this cute little fellow. Never having worked with fondant before, I used buttercream icing.

I baked 3 cakes with a 9″ Wilton cake pan for the base and baked 1 cake with the Wilton ball cake pan for the octopus body.

I iced the layers and used cake dowels for strength, cut a flat spot on the ball cake and placed it on top of the layers for Oscar’s body. I used plastic eyes and made his legs using a large cake decorating nozzle. No special tip. I used a small writing tip to swirl greenery on the sides and outline the bow tie. I used a cupcake to make his sailor cap.

It was fun and easy! I think “Oscar the Octopus” is going to be a hit!