Coolest Octopus Cake

This Octopus cake was for a friend’s birthday. We call him “The Octopus” thus the cake design.

The body was made with a domed cake pan. Chocolate with whipped cream inside. The “legs” were cut from 9in. cake pans using a stencil I drew freehand. You can get 4 legs per cake. Remember to freeze the cakes before attempting to cut. Use a thin, sharp knife.

Cut each cake into halves then fourths to get equal portions. The middle of the cake is usually a bit thicker so make this the side that connects to the body.

I used green butter cream frosting with a star tip. The legs were done first and left free of icing on the inside for contrast. You can layer the stars where the legs meet the body to have it appear seamless and continue with the body.

The eyes are Oreo type cookies with chocolate frosting “pupils” on the cream part. The lips are pink chocolate made from melted chocolate and a lip shaped candy mold and the suckers on the inside of the legs are chocolate chips.

I used champagne bottle candles placed in the legs for added fun.

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