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Coolest Oilers Birthday Cake

I wanted to surprise my husband for his 30th birthday. His favorite NHL hockey team is the Oilers. So I thought I would make him an Oilers cake.

I hand drew the symbol on paper that would fit on an 9×13 cake. Once drawn I had made 2 copies for templates. I cut each template out with different parts so it would be in one piece so I was able to trace on the cake.

I made a chocolate cake in a 9×13 pan. Made buttercream icing to decorate with. Tips used were 2, 4, 16, and 18. I did the base in white then took one template, placed it on and traced it with a toothpick. Peeled it off, placed the 2nd template on and traced the remaining of the picture.

Used tip #4 traced the outline matching the colors of the symbol. used tip #16 to fill in with the stars. Used tip #18 to finish the edge of the cake. Used tip #2 to do the writing.

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