Coolest Plane Cake

This was an AWACS military plane cake for a birthday/ going off to work in party. Came in at three feet long with an almost three foot wingspan.

Weighed about thirty pounds. Used cake for the fuselage and rice crispy treats for the wings, tail and radar.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Plane Cake”

  1. I was referred to this person from a friend. Their son was going off to work on the AWACS and they were having a going away party. They wanted a cake with his name, etc. etc.. I told them I could make the plane if they wanted, and they were like, wow you can do that? A little research and some math to scale the plane down to a 1/63 scale and voila. It ended up being three feet long and tipped the scales at about thirty pounds.

  2. My husband flies on the E-3 too. My son wanted a cake like just like Daddy’s plane. Mine didn’t turn out nearly as good as this – wish I’d seen yours before doing mine :-) Rice Krispy is a great idea :-)


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