5 thoughts on “Coolest Plane Cake”

  1. wow. That cake is really cool. I live near an Air force base and know of that plane. It looks just like it. Too cool

  2. I was referred to this person from a friend. Their son was going off to work on the AWACS and they were having a going away party. They wanted a cake with his name, etc. etc.. I told them I could make the plane if they wanted, and they were like, wow you can do that? A little research and some math to scale the plane down to a 1/63 scale and voila. It ended up being three feet long and tipped the scales at about thirty pounds.

  3. My husband flies on the E-3 too. My son wanted a cake like just like Daddy’s plane. Mine didn’t turn out nearly as good as this – wish I’d seen yours before doing mine :-) Rice Krispy is a great idea :-)

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