Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake

It seems that four year olds love rockets and my twin grandsons are no exception. Thank you to everyone who contributed their rocket ship cakes to this site. Your ideas and suggestions were incredibly helpful.

The Rocket Birthday Cake was created using a 9 X 13” pan and a 9” round pan. Two full batches of batter were made with enough extra to either make another 9” round or some cupcakes. With trimming, the oblong cake made the body of the rocket while the ‘wings’ were shaped from the round cake.

The icing was a simple buttercream with a first crumb coating. Sugar sprinkles in various colors add color to the design. The ‘rivets’, the spiral ‘rocket blasters’ at the bottom as well as the circular porthole that the boys are looking out of and the circles on the wings, were created from fruit leather. A paper hole punch was used to make the rivets and scissors cut the leather in the various shapes.

A very heavy piece of cardboard with some shiny deep purple wrapping paper was secured on the back with packaging tape. Star stickers and a couple of sticker planets were placed around giving the outerspace ambiance. Another cardboard was shaped a bit larger than the cake and wrapped with aluminum foil for the cake to rest upon.

The candles were placed at the bottom of the rocket so, when lit, it looked like it was firing off.

With all the time spent on the cake cooling and various decorating procedures and being exposed overnight (as I didn’t have something large enough to cover it, I made a flimsy improvised box), I was concerned that it had dried out but I used a buttermilk cake recipe and it had retained its moistness. Thankfully, it tasted as great as it looked!

Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to post their cakes. Your creative ideas were an inspiration to me!

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