Coolest Rocket Cake

This rocket cake was made for my step-sons 6th birthday. Used chocolate, banana cake. Cut into shape and freeze to prevent crumbling during icing.

Connect the pieces together using jam (jelly). Ice the nose, wings and base of the rocket green. Ice the main body of the rocket red. Cut out a circular photo of your “rocket man”, make sure it is an old photo. I cut out a space suit using tin-foil and glued it to the photo.

Place on the main body of the rocket and create a window with blue pebbles (smarties). Colour some white icing for the outlines and the rocket number (“6” in this case). For the star I just used a star shaped candle.

Decorate the wings, nose and base with silver cachous. If you have fireworks around, sparklers worked really well for the base of the cake, looked fantastic lit but make sure you have tinfoil underneath them before lighting!

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