Coolest Rocket Ship Cake

Well my son kept saying he wanted a rocket ship cake for his birthday. I found a couple of pictures for some and either the cake was just a drawing on a sheet cake or it was a cutout. I wanted something more 3 dimensional.

The cake starts with 2-8 inch layers, then 2-6 inch layer cakes are piled on top. After that there are 3-5 inch layers and then 2-4 inch layers. To make the point I used an ice cream cone. In between each set of layers (ie 2-8 inch ones) there is a round cardboard to keep cake sturdy. The top of the cake also has 3 dowels in it to keep the thing from tumbling over. The fins are made from a 8X8 square pan. I just frosted it Buzz Light Year colors and added a Woody and Buzz I got from the toy store.

The cake came out quite enormous. It certainly was a spectacle at his birthday. The cake itself is this terrifically dense yet not too sweet homemade cake with a slight citrus touch to it. The frosting is a half butter half shortening cream frosting.

Homemade Rocket Ship Cake

Homemade Rocket Ship Cake

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