Coolest Stove Cake

I thought this Homemade Stove Cake would be simple to make using a square cake pan and then just halving it and setting the one half upright as the backdrop of the stove. Boy was I mistaken. The cake was too soft to stay upright and I had to “prop” it up with a packet of sosatie sticks, before I could even begin icing it. Nevertheless, the wonder of icing is that it covers up all the hidden mistakes.

In retrospect, I should have only used 1 pot on the stove, so that the spiral plate would be more conspicuous. Also, my cake board should have been covered in plain foil, so that the base was not so busy. It all eventually turned out OK.

My daughter was thrilled: kids don’t see the imperfections that we do and we are our worst critics.

Homemade Stove Cake

Homemade Stove Cake

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