Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Ok this homemade T-Rex dinosaur birthday cake was a work of art in progress for my 10 year old lol… What I used were Wilton pans 8in, 10in, 12in, & 14in. After all the cakes were baked, I sliced them in half and frosted them. Then decided to frost the layers in bold “boy” colors.

The T- Rex was carved from the top 8in layer while on the cake. I used colored fondant for: yellow- for showing the layers, yellow with orange food coloring- eyes & drew on the eyes with black food coloring and white fondant- for the teeth and the bone. The scales were drawn by using a toothpick. I used different colors of home-made frosting for the orange flowers, green grass, palm trees, and his name. He was very happy as you can see!

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