Coolest Drink-Shaped Cake Ideas and Fun Cakes You Can Make

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Cake by Shannon P., West Seneca, NY

Fun Cakes Anyone Can Make

I made this cake from a eighth of a sheet cake cut in half the long way and put on top of the other half. I rounded out the sides and piped on the rest out of buttercream frosting. If you are in to fun cakes, this is the one, it was a hit all round.

Cake by Sam F., Bath, England

Drink-Shaped Fun Cakes

This cake was for my mother in-law’s birthday and I knew I wanted to do a bottle of wine but came across a cake book with a bottle of champagne. The cakes were lemon Madeira, two 6″, one 4″, although I would suggest more lemon as it didn’t have a very strong flavor as I would have liked.

The 6″ cakes were halved and buttercream placed between them as they were stacked on top of each other. Buttercream is also used between the 4″ which is placed on the very top.

White regalice was used for the napkin effect around the bottle and the bubbles black regalice was used for the bottle top. The bubble effect on the icing was supposed to have been done with a plastic scourer but I couldn’t find any so I used a fork.

I made two chocolate cupcakes to hold birthday candles and stuck on the cake board next to the cake.

If you ever want to make fun cakes, use this site for many ideas!

Drink-Shaped Fun Cakes

Cake by Shell N., Australia

Drink-Shaped Fun Cakes

Found this cake in a cake decorating book for fun cakes and made it for my husband’s welcome home return from active service in Iraq. I used store bought marzipan and fondant icings. Make or buy fruitcake. Cut out circles the size of a champagne bottle (the higher the cake the less circles you will need) and put them one on top of other securing with apricot jam in-between each. You may need about five or six circles on top of each other to get the bottle height.

Starting at the top I carefully trimmed away the cake to form the bottle-neck. Probably the top two circles will need to be trimmed to form this. (Tip – use damp hands to keep molding the cake as it crumbles away when you’re cutting it. This also helps keep it up-right) Once shaped roll out thin layer of marzipan icing and cover cake.

Colour fondant green or any colour you want to represent the bottle and roll out. Cover cake with the fondant icing and smooth out bumps as best as possible. Colour small amount of fondant icing brown (for the cork), place cork on top and secure with some jam. Colour some fondant black and roll out and wrap around bottle neck to represent the torn foil bending back edges. Colour more fondant off-white to represent label and cut to a square. Secure with jam. Colour ‘royal’ icing black and pipe details onto labels.

Cake by Amber S., East Troy, WI

Drink-Shaped Fun Cakes

The coffee cup is a cupcake. I took off the paper wrap after baking it and crumb-coated with buttercream and covered in fondant [I dyed it yellow]. Chocolate frosting is the “coffee” and white frosting is the “whipped cream” on top. The cake next to it is a mini cake with buttercream icing/covered in fondant. I also made a fondant rose that sits on top of it.

If you are looking for fun cakes to make, this is it, something different and unusual!

Cake by Sara W., Virginia Beach, VA

Drink-Shaped Fun Cakes

A fellow employee wanted me to make a beer mug cake for him. Once I told him that I like to make fun cakes and that I had a pan for it. I made the cupcakes because I didn’t think the cake was going to make enough for everyone to have a piece. The mug pan is pretty much a vintage Wilton pan that I purchased from eBay. I used a yellow cake mix in the pan, sprayed it with the cooking spray that already has flour in it so it would come out easier and while the oven was still hot I made chocolate cupcakes from a boxed mix as well.

I used buttercream icing for everything, a little more than two recipes I think and colored the “beer” with yellow and a few drops of brown for the lighter yellow color. I separated some and just added more white icing to it and for the brown I separated some and added more brown coloring to it because I made way too much of the “beer” color to begin with. I frosted the mug part smooth, put down non-stick parchment on it and ran my spatula over it to really smooth it once the icing had crusted over about ten minutes later. I put a 16 shell border around the bottom then piped the brown lines on and put in the handle and hole spot, both with 16 stars.

For the white on the top I put down a coat of white and realized it wasn’t going to give me the puffy full look I wanted so I used a bag with a coupler that doesn’t have a split in it and swirled the icing on then sort of smoothed it with a small spatula when I was done. For the cupcakes I made the background white. if I were to do it again I would color it. Then piped three size 12 tip lines next to each other in the beer color added a yellow handle with #3 and then swirled white icing with a #4 tip. For the border I just experimented because I had extra icing. The final design I liked was alternating # 4 rosettes of yellow and brown. Both were a hit but people were most impressed with the cupcakes and someone told me he liked the butterscotch icing, only there was no butterscotch icing. His mind was playing tricks on him because the “beer” color did sort of look like butterscotch pudding!

I had such fun making these fun cakes and received many compliments from everybody!

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