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Out-of-This-World Rocket Ship Cake

This little guy was having his 3rd birthday party at Mid-Air Adventures where kids could go flying through the air on ziplines and ropes. His fascination with flying extends beyond the outer rim, so his mom asked for a rocket ship cake.

The cake base is covered with butter cream and then fondant, which I airbrushed with varying shades of blue to look like the night sky. Fondant stars and letters for name were added as well as a blue butter cream border with star tip.

I formed the rocket out of homemade marshmallow/krispy rice mixture. After it cooled and set, I spread a thin layer of butter cream over it and covered it with light blue fondant. Trimmed it with grey fondant strips that I dusted with edible silver shimmer dust. Dragees were used to look like the rivets. Using a knife, I cut slits in either side of the rocket. I measured and then drew out the wings on a piece of paper. I then laid parchment paper over the drawing and traced the wings with melted red candy melts.

I do not have the ability to print edible images, so I printed the birthday boy’s face on paper, cut it out and placed it on the rocket to look like he is peering trough the portal.

The flames were made out of red, orange and yellow fondant. I loved how the lit candles added to the effect. 3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

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