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Cool Music Notes Cakes and Lots of Birthday Party Cake Photos

I only make a party cake for my children’s birthdays. This was done for their kid party for their sixth birthday this past November ’07. We had a music theme so I made this sheet cake using the Wilton large book pan. I just made a yellow cake and decided not to try to torte the cake (for fear of it breaking).

I iced it with white icing and then copied the sheet music (with some slight note variations to avoid copy write infringements) with chocolate icing with black coloring added. It is a lot easier to make black if you start with chocolate otherwise you just get grey! The faces are fondant and the hair is icing. The balls are icing. It really is easy, just time consuming with all of the lines and writing.

I really don’t know if there is any copy write infringement with Happy Birthday since everyone sings it and no one pays royalties but I thought that I would play it safe in case someone said something! Hope you all like this party cake! My daughter loved it and she got to “eat her face!”

Musical Notes Birthday Party Cake
Musical Notes Birthday Party Cake

Cake by Kelly McG., Timmins, Canada

Musical Notes Birthday Party Cake

I made this birthday party cake for my brother’s birthday. He’s been a DJ for quite a few years and really loves music.

I made a 9 x 13 sheet cake and used a stencil that I had drawn to cut out the outline of the scroll. I used buttercream icing for the main color and a tube of black icing for the rest.

Before I started the music notes I “drew” everything with a toothpick in the white icing and then just traced it with the black. Using the toothpick first helped to ensure that everything was straight and where it was supposed to be.

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