Coolest Incredibles Cake

The Incredibles Cake

My son wanted an Incredible birthday party and I decided to make one Incredible cake for him. I used the Wilton stand up teddy bear as a start and carved out the shape for Jack Jack. I also used two rounds for the other layers, one for the logo and one for the candles and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Triceratops Dinosaur Cake

Homemade Dinosaur Cake

This dinosaur cake was made for my friend, her little boy wanted a Triceratops cake for his birthday. She also wanted to learn cake decorating. This post goes out to Stephanie G. a great future decorator who helped a ton with this cake. The cake is a chocolate butter recipe, with cookies n cream filling … Read more

Awesome Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

This fire engine birthday cake was the second cake I made from the movie Cars. It was made for my son’s 3rd birthday. He wanted “Red” the fire engine. It was a chocolate cake covered in marshmallow fondant. I used almond bark for the ladder and side panels of the truck. The wheels were wooden … Read more

Awesome 1st Birthday Cake with Blue Teddy Bear

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake

I made the fruit cake using a traditional Christmas cake recipe weeks before my son’s birthday and kept adding brandy to the baked cake (intended for the adults!!)to keep it moist! I had another cake for the kids! I then covered it in warm apricot jam, allowed to cool then covered in marzipan. Leave for … Read more

Awesome Homemade Chips and Dip Cake for a Potluck

chips and dip cake

I made this Chips and Dip cake for a retirement potluck. The retiree was known for always bringing ruffled potato chips and onion dip to our potlucks, so I decided to make a cake version in his honor. Making the Potato Chips The first step for this cake was to make the chips. I added … Read more

Coolest Incredibles Cake – Dash

Homemade Incredibles  Cake - Dash

I made Dash for my son Matthew’s 8th birthday. He is a free-form cake cut from 2 large rectangle cakes. I used an enlarged clip art picture as a stencil for his outline and a guide for his features. His base is covered in homemade cream cheese icing and topped with Wilton tube icing with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Homemade  Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

This Guitar cake, inspired by Eddie Van Halen and Guitar Hero, was for our eight year old son who’s recently mastered the Guitar Hero Series of games on Nintendo’s WII. The little monster plays the game on some type of HYPER speed with his back turned which makes me wonder what he will do with … Read more

Awesome Homemade 3D Airplane Cake

Coolest Airplane Cake

I baked two chocolate 11″ loaf cakes for this Airplane Cake and carved them into the shape of the body of the plane. (I cut each loaf into two layers, sprinkled with cherry brandy and filled with cherry filling). I supported it with a piece of cardboard cut like a rectangle with a triangle on … Read more

Stunning Homemade 1st Birthday Cake with Flowers

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake

This 1st birthday cake was done for a one year old who loves flowers and butterflies. I had done this little girl’s baby shower cake before she was born, so it was a labor of love. This is a two tiered 10″ and 5″ round butter cream chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate ganache filling. … Read more

Coolest Scrabble Cake

Homemade Scrabble Cake

This was a scrabble cake for an 80th birthday. The lady is Scrabble (board game) fanatic. I baked a large, square fruit cake and covered it in fondant icing. Then I rolled out green fondant icing about 1/2cm thick just a bit wider than the cake and left it to dry and harden for a … Read more

Awesome 3D Homemade Barnyard Birthday Cake

Homemade Barnyard Birthday Cake

I made this Barnyard Birthday Cake for a friend of mine at work who wanted her granddaughter to have a “Special Barn Cake”. I could have constructed the animals out of fondant but, the grandmother and I agreed she would enjoy playing with the animals,(made of plastic) more after, instead of eating them all up. … Read more

Awesome Homemade Electric Guitar Cake

Homemade Electric Guitar Cake

This is a homemade electric guitar cake made from yellow pound cake, buttercream icing and fondant. The outer edge of the guitar was airbrushed then dabbed with a paper-towel. It is about 4 feet long. It was carved out of layers of pound cake, filled with buttercream and covered in fondant. The neck was also … Read more