Cake by Kimberly M., Renton, WA

I was really nervous to make this unicorn cake because I had never made a shape cake before. I found a picture of a horse cake off the internet and then added the horn. It was really easy to do!

I used two round 8” cake pans. One cake I cut to look like the nose and the other I cut an edge off of so the nose would fit against it tightly. I made ears from the extra pieces of cake I used for the nose. The horn is a sugar cone covered in frosting. I used ribbon for the mane, bow, and horn wrap.

I colored canned frosting pink for the body black for the eyelashes and nose and red for the lips and eyelid. The kids at the party thought the unicorn cake was too pretty to eat!

Cake by Kimberly C., Wetumka, OK

Unicorn Cake Photo

This is a practice unicorn cake that I am still working on. My youngest daughter turns a year old in November 2006 and she has a unicorn party theme. I think that every one year old should get their OWN cake to smash and tear apart…. sooooo that is how the stand up unicorn was born… ha-ha my mom thinks it looks more like a uni-bear… but I am still working on it and hopefully with your help I can perfect it before her birthday.. Keep them pictures coming! Thanks for looking!

Unicorn Cake Photo

Cake by Debra R., Nanaimo, Canada

Unicorn Cake Photo

For this cake, I baked two round cakes, using one for the main part of the head and then cut apart the second one. I cut a round piece for the muzzle and then used the scraps to fill in for the neck and nose.

I made little stars of icing all over with a star shaped tip in a cloth bag to get the dimpled look. I coated a sugar cone for ice cream with yellow coloured sugar for the unicorn horn.