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CARS Birthday Cake

by June Juan
(White Hall, AR)

Alexander turned 5 years old on June 27th 2009. He loves CARS, especially Disney Pixar CARS the movie:)

Did research and found many ideas on CARS the movie, mostly, Lightning McQueen's cake, where one can buy the shaped pan at Wilton's.

I like to challenge myself and have decided again that I should make the cake from scratch.

I decided to make the desert race scene with Doc Hudson and Lightning McQueen. With the rest of the Radiator Springs gang watched them race.

The "plateau" was a strawberry muffin, cut in half, together with brown and yellow cake pieces, secured with two wooden skewers stuck in the middle, to hold them in place otherwise the "plateau" would topple over:)

Brown with yellow hues of food colorings for the desert look, used buttercream icings for inside and outside of cake. I made two layers so the cake would look higher and better presentation.

Finished it with decorative pieces like plastic desert bushes/plants and rock candies "gravel". Alexander's name as Alex, his name laid out using the remaining rock candies.

Bought 2 sets of CARS the movie diecast cars, the gang "perched" on the "cliff", the upper and lower levels, looking down and cheering at the race.

Guido and Luigi on ground level, in their racing apparels, waving off the racing flags (flag of Italy, everything Guido thinks has to be of European racing circuit and Ferraris come from Italy and Luigi's fave phrase "PITSTOP"

I made the cake on a smaller scale enough for a family of 5 persons. There are still plenty of yummy cake leftovers:)

Check out the front and back pics of the cake. For an added touch, I placed a "curious tractor" beside the cake:)

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Coolest Cars Cake 61

by Elaine W.
(Seattle, WA)

Homemade Veggie Tales & Cars Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales & Cars Cake

My nephew liked Veggie Tales and Cars so I decided to make a special cake for him. First time I made a cake from scratch. Used the internet for instructional videos and the recipes for the white cake, chocolate cake and Marshmallow Fondant. The Veggie Tales and the bleachers were partially Styrofoam and then covered with MM fondant. The base of the cake is a white cake with butter cream frosting and a chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting all covered with MM fondant I dyed green (I started with white fondant and used gel coloring to color everything).

The Cars cake was carved out of banana bread (layered with buttercream frosting) and covered in MM fondant. I did use some skewers to hold it all together. Also colored some buttercream frosting to hide the imperfections at the base and to make eyes on the car. Decided to put number 2 and my nephew's name on the car instead of the original design.

To do this I first typed it out on the computer and printed it out on cardstock, cut it out and placed on rolled out fondant as a guide. Everything can be found on the internet as far as recipes and how to use fondant. The rest is just creativity and time. The wording was melted chocolate.

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